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HP - HP DLT IV Data Cartridge 40 / 70 / 80 Gb (EACH/PER UNIT) Recommended for all DLT IV, DLT1 & DLT VS 80 compliant drives. Read compatible with SDLT tape drives. HP DLT IV 40-80GB
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HP DLT IV Data Cartridge 40 / 70 / 80 Gb (EACH/PER UNIT) Recommended for all DLT IV, DLT1 & DLT VS 80 compliant drives. Read compatible with SDLT tape drives. HP DLT IV 40-80GB


Hp sdlt storage media is ideally suited for data center and departmental backups where compatibility with existing dlt libraries, performance, and cost per megabyte are critical. Hp dlt is ideal for mid-range to enterprise requiring reliable, high-capacity back up.

Dlt is the answer to the high-capacity storage and archiving needs of mid-range systems, network servers and high-end workstations.


  • Stores 40-80 gb (compressed capacity) on one cartridge.
  • 30-year guaranteed archival life.
  • Durability up to 1,000,000 head passes or an average of 10,000 loads/unloads.
  • Rigorously tested for optimal reliability and data integrity.
  • Use of hp dlt media with hp drives to create the exceptional back up solution.
  • Solid and liquid lubricants in tape binder system to reduce tape and drive head wear.
  • Hp dlt1's tapesense system rejects damaged media to ensure reliability is not compromised.
  • Hp dlt cleaning cartridges provide 20 cleans
  • Improved leader pin threading and accurate tape reel positioning, which ensures load/unload reliability at the critical point where the drive engages with the media and pulls tape from the spool.


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Product CodeC5141Fspacer
Recording technology DLT IV
Capacity 80GB Compressed 2:1
40GB Native
Media format Re-writable
Media labeling Non-Labeled
Quantity per Package 1
Read speed, media Maximum, depending on drive type
Archival life 30-year guaranteed archival life
Tape length 557 m
Tape width 12.7 mm
Tape thickness 360u
Base material Metal Particle
Magnetic coercivity 1840 Oe
Drive compatibility Storage Media Compatibility Matrix
Operating temperature range
Day-to-day storage temperature 61º - 90ºF (16º - 32ºC)
Long term storage temperature 64º - 82ºF (18º - 28ºC)
Operating maximum wet bulb temperature 77ºF (25ºC)
Operating humidity range 20% - 80%
Storage humidity 40% - 80%
Differentiator (1) DLT IV Data cartridge
Warranty Only factory faults on inspection by supplier
What's in the box HP DLT IV Data Cartridge 40/70/80 GB

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