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HP RDX 2TB Removable Disk Cartridge

HP - HP RDX 2TB Removable Disk Cartridge
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HP RDX 2TB Removable Disk Cartridge

HP RDX 2TB Removable Disk Cartridge


Does your budget-conscious small business have little or no IT resources with rudimentary backup processes in place? The HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge delivers an easy-to-use, affordable, rugged and removable data protection cartridge for servers and workstations. Backups are simple and pain-free with drag and drop file access.
Fast disk based performance provides the ability to store, 320 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB of data on a single removable disk cartridge at speeds of up to 360 GB/hr. Long lasting removable disk cartridges and forward and backward compatible RDX docking station reduces ownership cost.


When used with an HP RDX Backup System the solution seamlessly integrates with HP Continuous Data Protection Software providing complete data protection and enabling simple and secure off-site storage.
The Flexible Way to Protect Your Business Data Faster and More Securely
  • The HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge delivers flexibly meeting both budget and capacity requirements with a choice of 320 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB removable disk cartridges. The HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System works with current and future higher capacity cartridges for backward compatibility.
  • Backs up data at fast hard drive speeds (up to 360 GB/hr) and restores critical files in seconds instead of hours with the benefit of random disk access versus a tape drive solution.
  • Backup using drag and drop file access which makes backup simple and convenient. Scheduled backups are supported through support for leading backup software. For a hands-free backup experience use the HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System and HP RDX Continuous Data Protection Software.
Protects Your Business Data While Respecting Your Business Costs
  • The HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge reduces on-going media and upgrade costs with disk cartridges designed with a long usage life.
  • Rugged, portable and durable removable disk cartridges enable business critical backup data to be simply and securely taken off-site for disaster recovery, archive or data transfer.
  • Cartridges are specified for over 5,000 load and unload cycles and designed for long life expectancy.
  • RDX 320 GB, RDX 500 GB, RDX 1 TB, RDX 2 TB cartridges are tested to withstand a drop of 1 meter (39.4 in).
Works in a Broad Set of Small Business Operating Environments
  • The HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge suits almost every small business operating environment.
  • The RDX Removable Disk Backup System is compatible with all current and future higher capacity RDX Removable Disk Cartridges making the system fully multi-generational.


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Product CodeHQ2046Aspacer
Capacity 2TB Raw
4TB Compressed 2:1
Transfer rate 100 MB/sec
Sustained native
200 MB/sec
Sustained compressed 2:1
Data access time 12 Milliseconds
Files systems, supported FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3
Load/unload cycles 5000
Mean time between failures 500,000 Hours @100% duty cycle
Uncorrected error rate 1 error per 10^14 bits read
Hard disk drive speed 5400rpm
Cartridge robustness RDX 320GB, RDX 500GB, RDX 1TB, RDX 2TB - 1 m, 39.4 in (3 feet) drop to tile over concrete floor
Form factor 2.5-inch
Drive compatibility HP Storage Media
LED indicators
Vibration Sine vib 0.25G peak, 3-200 Hz (operational), random vib 1.54G RMS (non operational)
Operating temperature range 5 to 45º C
Storage temperature range -40 to 65º C
Operating humidity range 20 to 80%, Non Condensing
Storage humidity 10 to 90%, Non Condensing
Operating altitude -15.24 m to 3,048 m
Storage altitude -15.24 m to 10,668 m
Minimum dimensions (W x D x H) 20.29 x 13.51 x 8.51 cm
Weight 0.386 kg

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